My leadership principles

Over the years, I've collected several principles that I find important for my management work. I consider myself a successful leader and my success is based in part on those principles. I tried to write down every recurring theme that you can find in my thinking and acting as a manager. This list is the result.

h2. I lead by example.

  • Working and being happy aren't mutually exclusive.
  • My decisions are transparent and based on the situation, not only on rules.
  • I am loyal to my staff and to the company (in that order).
  • I only commit to what I can deliver.
  • I adhere to commitments. If I see a problem doing so, I'll tell in time.
  • I practise and expect honesty, timeliness, diligence and creativity.

h2. I depend on my team.

  • I trust that my directs have both the qualification and determination to create the best solutions.
  • I need my team to help me fulfil my responsibilities, so I'll do everything to help them kick ass.
  • Every team member can claim some my time immediately.
  • If there's a way of improving our communication, I'll give it a try.
  • Everyone makes mistakes. The team will straighten them out. (So try not to repeat them.)
  • I give and accept feedback on a regular schedule.

h2. I use my resources efficiently.

  • I do things consequently or not at all.
  • I join meetings in time. If other people don't, I'll feel free to leave for more important things.
  • I won't listen to problem descriptions that don't come with a suggested solution.

h2. I set goals for myself and my staff.

  • Everyone in the team knows my goals.
  • I stipulate clear goals with every team member.
  • I have a development plan for myself and every team member.
  • It is up to the employees to reach their development milestones, not mine.

I'm certainly not perfect in adhering to all of those principles all the time. But I take them very seriously. If I find something missing from the list, I'll update it.

And I'm interested in your thoughts -- what are the secrets of your or your bosses success?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a topic, tweet me @geewiz or join the chat on my Discord server!