[Meme] Sesame Street

HulaLena made me go on a trip back to my childhood by asking some questions about Sesame Street

h3. What Sesame Street character did you find the coolest?

Lefty the Salesman ("Schlehmil"). I found it hilarious how Ernie always thwarted his attempts to sneakily sell an O like it was something forbidden.

h3. Whom didn't you like?

The grumpy "Herr Bödefeld" from the german insertions.

h3. Can you recite a song from Sesame Street? Which one?

I know the title song by heart, and both my brother and I still love to recite Hey diddle diddle, the cat has a fiddle, the cow jumps over the moon

h3. What tought you Sesame Street?

One of the most important things a teacher needs to know I learned from Grover ("Grobi"): you have to really make an effort if you want to teach people things. "Near... (running to the back) Far! (running to the front) Near... (huff huff huff) Far again!"

h3. When did you watch Sesame Street the last time?

I'm afraid that must be two decades ago. But I still like to watch The Muppets, especially the movies, e.g. "The Muppets Treasure Island" ("Not bad for an amphibian, hm?").

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