You don't need to do the math: I've lost 7 kg so far. The secret of my recent weight loss: mountain hiking burns lots, lots, lots of calories! Just make sure you refill at least as much is needed to keep upright. :-)

Carolin and I loved the hiking so much that we decided to do some more over the summer. We're living right in Black Forest after all, so it really isn't hard to find a slopy way to use our new hiking boots for some hours. We won't climb summits, but we'll enjoy nature, spend time together and burn away unnecessary weight.

For the first time after the mountain tour, I went running this morning. I had to take a short break after 15 minutes, but I'm sure to be in shape to keep running for half an hour soon, even in the hillside. If my knees don't act up. Update: I just found RunningMap and immediately documented my route

So, everything is fine on the health front. Bye bye, belly fat!