The Top 20 movie hackers

In Top 20 Hackers in Film History, Scott Willoughby collected the "20 coolest, funniest, dare I say sexiest hackers and computer geeks" that appeared in movies.

While I'd have picked Wyatt Donnelly, John Draper, Michael Bolton & Samir Nagheenanajar, The Puppet Master, Martin Bishop and Neo myself, I'd have put them on the top ranking places. A boy creating Kelly Le Brock with his computer, a real life hacker pioneer, two prototypes of the corporate IT guy, the worthy opponent of a gorgeous cyber police girl, a hacker become smart and good-looking, and the god of cyberspace obviously have to be on the leading ranks.

But come on, David Lightman only on rank 4? He's clearly my number one! "War Games" is my most-watched DVD and it'll always remind me of the times when I started hacking myself. The movie also explains why I'm still amazed by speech synthesizers. (And additionally, the same actor, Matthew Broderick, also starred in my eternal #2 movie of all times, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".)

These are the guys that make me proud being called a geek.