Put a dent in the universe

Markus is thinking about making a ruckus. What a great New Year’s resolution! “We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?” —Steve Jobs I’m incredibly excited for 2020.
A great example how hosting a conference is more than just running it. chelseatroy.com

It's okay if you're not running Kubernetes

Adopt technology because it’s helpful to you, not just because it’s hot. Or, as Mattias Geniar says, “get satisfaction in knowing that you’re making a difference for the business & its developers because your servers are running as best they can.” sysadvent.blogspot.com/2019/12/d…
What a lame excuse for corporate greed. Die like the dinosaur you are, Irish Rail. “Irish Rail ban on reusable cups angers passengers” www.irishtimes.com/life-and-…

Weeknote 50/2019

It is true what they say about growing an audience: You have to show up regularly and in a predictable manner. Only after I settled on a consistent schedule, the number of viewers of my Ruby on Rails live coding stream has been increasing steadily. What makes me especially happy is that this makes the live chat more interesting. I’ll admit that I also had fun turning my home office into a little studio with proper lighting and two cameras.

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Tests are hygiene

Because I started programming a long, long time ago, I have to admit that I spent most of my career without writing tests to accompany my code. It was only in recent years that I learned how to use a test suite to my advantage. In hindsight, I should have started earlier because having tests completely changed my life as a software developer. Tests create peace of mind. The amount of confidence with which I now release my code to production is worlds apart from the trepidation of past deployments when I was on edge for hours waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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Is it just me or is Bad Lip Reading getting better all the time? “MORE STRANGER THINGS”

We’ve created democracies out of chaos before

I’m surprised that an article like “A Better Internet Is Waiting for Us” can be as enlightened as it is and still not mention the term IndieWeb or reference an alternative social platform like micro.blog. PS: Is that CSS intro transition gorgeous or what? PPS: I like to think that “You may not develop artificial or undesired entities for use in Photon Emission Products (PEPs).” is in fact advocating for ethical lasers.

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Seth Godin: “The existence of DuckDuckGo doesn’t significantly change Google’s position as a monopoly able to dictate how most people experience everything on the web.” …yet. 😃
I’m so happy to see how open source conferences are getting more and more inclusive. Good job, #RubyConf!
My shell prompt is already written in Rust. Looks like my next shell might be as well.

Weeknote 46/2019

I use to say that the weather in Ireland is much better than its reputation. But this week, it’s been really, really terrible. I had this week off and mostly did what I felt like doing. The phrase “Right. Next, I’ll have to…” is how I put pressure on myself. And, as I’ve explained in my talk about resilience at DrupalCon, pressure can slowly turn into burnout. That’s why avoiding “I have to” and not trying to accomplish anything is actually good for me.

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Good explanation of what refactoring is and what isn’t refactoring anymore: Let’s Not Misuse Refactoring
I guess I’m in a good place when all that comes to mind about the new Macbook Pro is “I guess 2.5k is a bit excessive to spend on a mobile WoW rig”.
You have headphones with noise cancellation. But what about the noise within your head? Here’s a great bunch of tips: 28 Ways to Find the Stillness You Need to Thrive

Weeknote 45/2019

Joining the IndieWeb After hearing and ignoring the term many times over the years, I finally got the importance of the IndieWeb movement. Which information we find on the web and how others find the information we put on it should not depend on the goodwill of mega-corporations and algorithms. Huh, that sounds quite cyberpunk; maybe it was my recently rekindled interest in Shadowrun helped the coin to drop for me.

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“My web team told me about your Drupalcon talk and I watched the YouTube recording yesterday. I just wanted to say that I really appreciated your talk, your honesty, humour, concrete advice, thank you.” This made my day.

DHH tries Windows, goes back to Mac begrudgingly

I can relate to DHH trying to drop the Stockholm syndrome. Apple machines are a very mixed bag. But they’re still the best desktop experience I can find. I’m now pairing my iMac and iPad with a Linux dev server and get both best worlds (i.e. desktop pleasure and open source power).

Weeknote 44/2019

I haven’t written any weeknotes lately, so let’s catch up with things. In my old office box, I found the old HP 28S calculator that I bought in 1991 and that converted me to RPN for life. It still works, despite one of the batteries I stupidly left in having leaked a bit. I wish I had more math to do at work because I’d love to use the this nice piece of hardware some more again.

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Weeknote 38/2019

At the end of last week, I was feeling pretty exhausted. That’s why I’m publishing this weeknote late on the following Monday. I have to have high expectations of myself, otherwise I’ll easily fall into slacking off and looking at keyboard porn all day. But I have to stop put too much pressure on myself. That’s the best recipe for burnout because I’m setting myself up for frustration despite of all the stuff I actually get done.

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Embracing the dystopian future

1984 is just a bit late.

Weeknote 36/2019

Weeknotes could be an easy way to get back into writing more regularly. Friday will now be weeknote day. Karabiner-Elements is an amazing tool for remapping a Mac’s keyboard. It not only provides me with a more useful keyboard layout, it now also forces me out of bad habits. Among other things, it turns the useless Caps Lock key into an easier to reach Esc (or Ctrl if held with another key).

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Getting started with a big codebase

In my recent talk about monorepo, I mentioned as a downside of the all-in-one approach that the sheer volume of code can be intimidating. This article has some tips for getting started: “Don’t let that huge codebase scare you! Tips and tools to make sense of other people’s code”

How I manage my dotfiles across hundreds of machines

Almost all of the command line tools I use on my Mac workstation, on my development server in the cloud, and on my company’s Linux server infrastructure store their configuration in so-called “dotfiles” — files (or even whole directories) in my user home directory that are hidden from plain sight by prefixing their name with a period, for example .vimrc. (Like this example, actually quite a few of these files do end in rc.

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Keeping the old gears grinding

Video games good for building focus create environments that are fast-paced, interactive, adaptive and have complex reward and gaming structures. Like a brain playground. So at my age it’s basically mandatory to keep playing WoW!
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