I hate numbers

After weeks of procrastination, I decided yesterday afternoon not to stop at thinking about doing my taxes, but to actually do them. I really loathe that part of my work, probably due to the traumatic effects of some not-so-good years gone by. But after the first heap of paper shifted, my motivation increased by an order of magnitude when I saw what QuickSteuer displayed as estimated tax refund.

So, at about midnight, the cover letter was the last piece of paper running out of my printer, and this morning, a weary-eyed Jochen dropped a big envelope into the mailbox on the way to the railway station. Talk about getting things done...

As always, I'm not sure if the Finanzamt (the german IRS) will just do a tax calculation based on my numbers or write a response like "Hey, we had a great laugh. Oh, and by the way, maybe you want to take a drug test." We'll see.