These days, everyone and his dog are getting their own Web 2.0 service online. And finally, there's hardware to base your Poopr or Sneezr or whatchamacallit on: "Thumper", the harddisk-munching and O'Reilly-approved Web 2.0 server from Sun!

Seriously, folks, what's so "Web 2.0" about this X4500, as its official name is? Sure, it's impressive, with its high performance storage capacity of up to 24TB in a single case. But "Web 2.0 server", that's cheesy unless it does social networking with other servers, tags my network cables automatically and offers an AJAX management web interface. :-)

But, since it has some interesting features, I'm trying to get my hands on one for some tests. And I'm sure that Ralf will publish a review afterwards.