Jochen's photos 2.0

From now on, I'll publish my pictures on Flickr You can't give talks about the advantages of the Web 2.0 and stay credible without using these services, can you? ;-)

At the moment, I'm uploading the pictures I took during the journey through Ireland that Carolin, Tom and I went on in 2002. To be exact, jUploadr is doing the upload.

jUploadr is a great tool for annotating, tagging and uploading pictures to Flickr. Since it's written in Java (as you can guess from the initial "j"), it's platform-independent. So it works on Linux and it makes photo sharing on Flickr so much easier: just drag and drop your pictures onto the jUploadr window, type in some headlines, descriptions and tags, and click "Upload!". Easy-peasy.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a topic, tweet me @geewiz or join the chat on my Discord server!