Got Mac?

I couldn't resist any longer. All those hip people around me with their desktop widgets, their drop shadows and reflections -- and I didn't belong to them. But now I do. Yesterday, I received my new and shiny Mac Mini.

I immediately rearranged my desk so I got a complete workstation consisting of the Mini, TFT display, Logitech S530 keyboard and mouse, CME UF7 MIDI master keyboard and Logitech USB headset for doing programming, music composition and podcasting all from my chair.

Mac OS X is a really easy to handle operating system and it's fun to use. OS X and the iLife 06 package already contain most of the applications I need, and since I moved many common tasks on to the web, I didn't have to install much software so far.

Until now, I added Adium for IM, Seashore for picture manipulation, jEdit for editing text files, and of course Firefox and Skype.

I guess the next few days will be days of adventurous exploration.