Nokia search application for download

On one of my recent train rides, I transferred all the contacts from my Time/System paper planner to my Nokia E61. Since it also automatically syncs with my Exchange account via the WLAN at work, I now have all my important up to date calendar and contact information on my smartphone. But with a growing amount of data on my smartphone there came a new problem: finding information. Searching for contacts is no challenge, of course, but what I've been missing, for example, was a search function for calendar events: "When was that certain anniversary in 2007 again?"

Thrilled by a post on the E61Life blog, I just downloaded and installed the Nokia search application that obviously already is pre-installed on the new Nokia E50. It enables you to search messages, email, calendar, contacts and other files.

Nokia, keep up the good work! My E61 gets more useful by the day.