When Adam Curry discovered the concept of sitzend pinkeln" (peeing seated, even when you're male; a habit gaining ground at least in Germany) in one of his recent Daily Sourcecode episodes, I knew I had 2 cents to give away. And, lo and behold, he started his newly created "Are posh people pigs?" segment in "episode 452&episode_id=49221 by reading my email! :-)

I guess the woman sitting in front of me on the tram must have become really frightened by my loony grin when I reached 19:15 into the podcast and was hearing my own words:

Adam, mein Freund!
DSC 540 had me in tears, listening to you speaking German about good bathroom manners!
You're right, the concept of sitting down to pee is a pretty strange concept to some men, as you can see on this illustration:

But if it's explained well, a man can get used to it after a while. I got too, especially because it's my turn to clean the bathroom including the toilet every second week.
As you will have guessed until now, I'm a folder, as is every good German.
Cheers, Jochen

And Adam, no, although german women indeed are something special, my girl isn't forcing me to clean the bathroom. It's a matter of fairness to do it in turn -- she has to clean my shit[1] every second week, too.

fn1. Not meant literally, we actually use the toilet brush, other than the (posh?) people your callers use to tell of.