Fatblogging: 97

Another kilo has vanished! Should I test if, in fatblogging, weight loss is proportional to entry length?

It's almost as if my mind is losing weight with my body: the Günter book made me realize that my weaker self has much more control over myself than is good for me. But since I learned about the dangerous interplay between carbohydrates, fat, Insulin and glycogen, I choose my diet much more carefully. I eat wholemeal bread instead of croissants, low-fat cream cheese instead of camembert, and fruits instead of sweets. It's a really liberating feeling to wrest more and more control from Günter, my weaker self. The 10 Euro for the book were one of my best investments this year.

Today, I ran a different route that has a fewer inclination and everything went according to my buildup plan (now three-minute runs with one minute of walking in between). I found a beautiful way along a little brook under trees, only three minutes from our house! It's slightly uphill, but very managable. Since there aren't many people out at 5:30, it's just me and nature. Maybe I should leave the iPod at home.

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