First, there was Twitter And it became the first networking tool I really used intensively. But it also became my micro blogging platform that has a negative impact on my blogging frequency to this day.

Then, the Facebook hype started. I knew Facebook since I started having contacts in Ireland because Facebook and Bebo are the biggest social platforms for students there. But because my college times are 10 years gone, my interest soon vanished. Over the recent weeks, it was rekindled, though, with Facebook taking the world of non-students by storm. Heavily connected to the world of German early adopters via Twitter, I watched everyone proclaiming their Facebook account. Still, I resisted. Did I really need another distraction, especially if this new social time waster is a walled garden that doesn't allow peeks from the outside? Furthermore, on XING, I already am a member of a business networking platform.

Well, I couldn't stand the virtual peer pressure any more. I now have a Facebook account and started build my friends list.

Of course, I found a way to rationalize this step: Facebook will be my international networking platform where I can foster my contacts all over the world. This way, it will be a fine complement to Twitter.

As the Ninja says: I'm looking forward to friending you soon! Yee-Ya!