No, listen, it's not a cow!

I had taken friday and monday off, so I came to work not before tuesday. And my desk looked somewhat different than when I left it thursday last week...

My sysadmin team thought that since I play a Tauren druid on World of Warcraft, I should have some mates around me during the day. That's why they covered my desk with green felt and populated it with nice little paper cows.

Well, I don't need a mouse pad any more, that's for sure. I'm uncertain if I need a new team, though.

PS 1: Additional photos: closeup 1, closeup 2

PS 2: This is just in time for "Büro, Büro", a desk photo carnival.

PS 3: I laughed my ass off when I came into the office, even more than last time. I love it.

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