In "Ten Top Tips for the Innovative Leader", Paul Sloane gives valuable recommendations to everyone who wants to be more of a leader than just being some levels above in the org chart.

He recommends:

  1. Have a vision for change
  2. Fight the fear of change
  3. Think like a venture capitalist
  4. Have a dynamic suggestion scheme
  5. Break the rules
  6. Give everyone two jobs
  7. Collaborate
  8. Welcome failure
  9. Build prototypes
  10. Be passionate

Many of his tips remind me of the concepts explained in "First, Break All the Rules", a great leadership book I read recently (and have to review here ASAP). And looking at the fifth point, this doesn't seem like a coincidence.

Especially the first two points resonate with me at the moment because I'm going to undertake a big change effort myself with my department.

Thanks to Paul for his great summary of important leadership qualities and practices!