Perl online training, open source development

At the beginning of the week, I decided to offer our "Perl Meisterkurs" online seminar from now on in regular intervals. I planned three courses for April, July and October, created their registration pages, and sent informational posts to several blogs and social networks. Training is the most intensive and time-consuming work I do currently, but it helps getting in some cash that will be needed when we have to expand our IT infrastructure.

Side note: Maybe it was organizing a Perl online training that triggered some
sleeping Perl development enzymes in me. On Tuesday, I picked up my old
a Perl Module I published as free software many years ago. I fixed a few bugs
and finally implemented suggestions I got back in 2008 for improving
the documentation. Because I now use Bazaar as my version control
software, I moved the project from BerliOS to
Launchpad where I'll hopefully maintain it a
bit better now.

Website building

On Saturday, we got the finished design for our new Drupal hosting website. We're now working on the site content to get it online ASAP.

Communication infrastructure

Now that first business contacts are forming, telephone communication becomes very important. I tested and chose Sipgate Team as our virtual PBX system. We got a set of phone numbers that we're able to distribute among our VOIP accounts by single user or by team. Voicemail is integrated and delivers incoming messages via email; new message notifications are sent as SMS. The system is easy to configure and has a good cost structure.


Carolin and Amalia will return home next Wednesday, so the days of my all-day quiet home office are coming to an end. It's a real challenge to balance work and family life if both happen at the same place, but to me it's a challenge worth taking on.