I just made a new entry to the member list of Iron Blogger Freiburg. And it's certainly a bit unusual, because Heather actually doesn't live in Freiburg. She's from Minneapolis, which is a teeeensy bit away from here...

But she's asked so nicely that I didn't hesitate to add her to the list:

I'm wondering whether you'd consider adding someone to your group who doesn't currently live in Freiburg — but who will be there in September to settle any fines she may incur. (Heck, even if I *don't* incur any fines, I'll gladly pick up a round or two of beers.)

If you'd like to check out my blogging qualifications before answering, I'm at www.hmunro.wordpress.com.

I'd say you're more than qualified. So, welcome to Iron Blogger Freiburg, Heather! I'm looking forward to meeting you in September!

Man, this whole thing may only be a few days old, but it's already becoming incredibly fun and motivating!