In my experience, the value of getting enough sleep can not be overstated. I feel like I got more work done on Tuesday alone than in the entire previous week. And the main difference was that I started last week already tired and didn’t get enough rest to change my state until the weekend. I highly recommend the Focused podcast on this topic. Apart from discussing sleep schedules and good tactics, it also briefly mentions taking sleep headphones on trips. I have some of these in my nightstand but it never occurred to me that they could save me from lying in a hotel bed frustrated by noise outside again.

And on the topic of focus, I’m trying out two apps that might help me maintain it: One is Freedom for making sure my Pomorodo sessions are distraction-free, and the other is for creating a neutral work soundtrack.

After two weeks with the HHKB Hybrid, I can report that it’s a great travel keyboard. Typing feel and sound is excellent, and its weight and plastic cover make it very portable.

My live coding stream is jugging along nicely. Having scheduled broadcasting times has put me into a steady pace of freistilbox dashboard development. Finishing at least one issue queue item each session is very satisfying. I also enjoy being a member of the burgeoning Live Coders community. It’s a small but diverse bunch of people who have visible fun sharing their expertise and helping each other. I’m looking forward to my next session this afternoon!