Well-structured status lines in vim and shell prompts with version control symbols are a nice quality-of-life improvement. Unfortunately, not all monospace fonts come with the necessary PowerLine glyphs. For example, my favourite font is Operator Mono, and it too doesn’t have PowerLine symbols built in.

Thanks to the NerdFonts font patcher, I was able to generate a font variant that has the necessary symbols. I simply ran the tool as a Docker container in my fonts directory:

$ mkdir HCo_OperatorMonoSSmNF
$ docker run --rm -v $PWD/HCo_OperatorMonoSSm/OpenType:/in \
  -v $PWD/HCo_OperatorMonoSSmNF:/out \
  nerdfonts/patcher --windows --powerline --powerlineextra

Now my spaceship shell prompt sparks even more joy.